Tampa Residential Solar

Tampa Home Solar Power Systems

Florida Power Management provides residential solar power systems to homeowners in Tampa and the surrounding communities. Our partnerships with major solar energy equipment suppliers and installation experts allow our team to handle small to large solar installations including all local permitting. Our experience and expertise will get you on the road to financial freedom by taking advantage of the sun’s free solar energy and start reducing your dependence on the power companies!

Tampa Residential Solar Considerations



Today’s residential solar panels are styled with minimum framing and are specifically designed to remove the industrial look that was common in previous solar panels. Often homeowners will choose a black frame which makes the solar panels look less conspicuous on the roof.


Clean Energy

There are many reasons why Tampa homeowners make the switch to home solar power systems. Choosing the clean, renewable energy provided by the sun has been a leading factor for homeowners. Residential solar is the wise, enduring alternative to fossil fuels and a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Lock In Energy Costs

For other homeowners, the obvious financial benefits & savings of having much lower energy bills is the key incentive for installing solar panels. Installing a home solar power system is a low-risk, long-term investment that locks you into predictable energy costs to power your home. Non-renewable energy sources like coal, natural gas, and petroleum have prices that fluctuate depending on many market factors. With solar energy, you can enjoy financial freedom with a stable energy cost that is locked in for years, making it easy to plan annual budgets no matter how hot the Florida summers may get.


Optimal Performance & Durability

Our residential photovoltaic (PV) solar systems are robust and built to last for over 25 years in Florida’s climate. It is the internal solar cell that starts the process of efficiently converting sunlight into usable electricity. At Florida Power Management, we install best-in-quality solar systems built with the latest in solar technology and innovation. Our higher power rated solar panels perform better & produce more kilowatt-hours of energy per watt.

What is Photovoltaic Solar?

Photovoltaic solar (PV) uses the same energy that has powered the earth from the beginning of time. Over the last decade, advancements in solar technology has allowed PV solar panels to become the fastest growing energy source and the preferred choice for renewable, clean energy. The technology is surprisingly simple:

1.) Sunlight is converted into DC electricity from solar cells within the solar panel
2.) An inverter converts the DC electricity into AC electricity
3.) The AC electricity then travels to the electrical box to be used in the home
4.) The system is connected to the power grid and any unused electricity can be stored in a solar battery or sold back to the power company, called Net-Metering.

Your Local Provider of Residential Solar in Tampa

At Florida Power Management, we offer the most innovative home solar solutions throughout the Tampa area including St. Petersburg and Clearwater. We value our customer’s expectations and desires for their home solar system, which is why we discuss every detail during our design phase and on-site consultations. We stand behind our promise to install the best residential solar system with optimal efficiency at the best price. Contact us today and take the first step towards energy independence!